Jobs for Spring in the garden,

spring daffodil

As we approach spring after a particularly mild winter it is time to consider jobs that can be done to get particular areas of the garden ready. Things that we concentrate on at this time of year are composting of beds and lawn treatments.

Composting of Flower beds

  • A sterilised layer of mulch over tidy beds at this time of year to prepare the garden for the growing season.
  • This helps keeps weeds under control and reduces the amount of time required to keep beds looking presentable and cared for.
  • As the season continues the mulch can be turned into the soil to improve the fertility and help plants to flourish.

Lawn Treatments

  • On top of appropriate fertilising other actions can be taken to improve the condition of the lawn.
  • Scarification to remove moss and build up of thatch in the lawn.
  • Hollow tine aeration or spiking to de compact the soil and improve surface drainage.
  • Top dressing and over seeding to give the grass a boost and create a consistent finish.

At C and W Landscapes we are able to supply and spread compost in bulk amounts very cost effectively. Our team of gardeners are also very experienced and efficient in carrying out all aspects of lawn treatments. If you wish to discuss and requirements do not hesitate to get in touch!