A Long Lasting low Maintenance Alternative to Loose Aggregate

Chris Wright of Burwood House, Ascot approached us to see if we could rectify an existing driveway that had been installed when his house was first built. The existing drive was a loose shingle finish on top of compacted hardcore and a granite sett edge.

Problems that arose with the existing drive included:-

  • Stones migrating around the drive and through the house with pedestrian traffic
  • Ruts developing over time where cars repeatedly parked or maneuvered
  • Puddles developing in low spots within the heavy traffic areas
  • Sub base and aggregate finish (shingle) mixing over time to leave an unsatisfactory final surface

We recommended and carried out a complete renovation but worked with the existing edging where suitable and extended where necessary. After thorough excavation we installed a tarmac open draining sub-base at the required depth to ensure a substantial support for the final Cytotec farmacie online köllektiv,bakter. https://www.highlandshospital.org/cytotec finish. We wanted to achieve a soft and natural look with the surface so we blended a variety of gravel sizes together to achieve a strong and hard wearing surface. The surface was a mixture of ‘golden’coloured shingle fully bound in UV two part resin to ensure a ‘like new’ appearance at all times.

burwood drive entrance20150512ascot167 (1)

Advantages of the new drive surface include:-

  • Gravel is permanently fixed in place so ruts and low spots can never develop
  • With the correct sub base the surface can be completely free draining to comply with latest ‘SUDS’ regulations which means planning permission is not required for paving over new areas
  • Extremely hard wearing and ‘like new’ finish at all times
  • Virtually no maintenance required20150512ascot114 (2) 20150512ascot164 (1)

“What a transformation compared to the original driveway! Would highly recommend”

Chris Wright, Burwood House

Common applications include domestic driveways, entrance and parking areas, footpaths, public parks, landscaping schemes, patios, playgrounds, swimming pool surrounds, access ramps, roof terraces, and balconies etc. For alternative application enquiries please contact us.