Now is a great timeĀ for hedge trimming and shaping ready for the growing season

This is an example of a row of Quercus Ilex which we have shaped for many years. They have really benefited from this regular pruning to help maintain there size and position in this formal garden. Hedge trimming regularly helps plants to gain a denser canopy with improved shape.

Quercus Ilex Row, Evergreen Holly Oak, Hedge Trimming

Recently Pruned and Trimmed ‘Quercus Ilex’ Topiary Trees

We have maintained these Photinia ‘Red Robin’ and more ‘Quercus ilex’ to create large cylinders for a dramatic appearance in the garden!

Quercus Ilex Holly Oak, Photinia Red Robin, Topiary Trees, Hedge Trimming

Recently Pruned and Trimmed ‘Holly Oaks’ and Photinia ‘Red Robin’.

Pruning this time of year can be ideal as the plants are dormant and will withstand more drastic shaping if necessary. With spring round the corner, it is an ideal time for the canopy and foliage to recover during the growing season. Get in touch if you would like a quotation or advice on tree shaping and hedge trimming or reduction.